Saturday Night Live

NBC’s Saturday Night Live is a long-time client of Pete’s Big TVs and we’ve worked on a number of shows this season. For this season’s finale, PBTV was on hand to provide the PBTV LED floor, consisting of digiLED DLPo5.9 modules for both performances by musical guest Katy Perry.

For a Jurassic Park themed water ride sketch with guest host Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, PBTV provided a curved LED wall of 189 digiLED DLPo5.9 modules. With an overall height of 11.5’, a back wall of 25’ wide, and two 10’ wide side walls, the LED screen surrounded the scenic elements of the ride car and the loading dock. The content and the movement of the automated ride car created a video scenic backdrop moving the scene through the rollercoaster water ride. Add in buckets of water thrown at the actors and they presented a very funny sketch.