digiLED DLPo 5.9 LED Floor System

The DLPo 5.9 LED Floor System from Pete’s Big TVs offers designers the ability to layer beautiful, high-resolution imagery that covers the floor itself in their production and video designs with this innovative system. You can seamlessly extend an LED back or side wall right into an LED floor or create a standalone LED floor within your overall design. Exceptional image quality, seamless floor design integration, easy flexible configuration, and precise, accurate processing are all built-in to the reliability of the digiLED DLPo 5.9 LED Floor System.

Working closely with LED manufacturer digiLED, PBTV has designed a unique frame arrangement to hold high resolution 5.9mm pixel pitch modules in a 3x2 module arrangement to allow for extremely versatile creative design possibilities. Ease of setup and load-out, as well as fast access replacement for troubleshooting is thoughtfully addresses by using guide pins for side-to-side alignment with an industrial magnet system which holds each individual LED module, and its own individual Plexiglas covering, in place. This means that any tile can be quickly and easily placed—and replaced—without having to de-construct the entire floor. With interchangeable legs, the floor can go from a minimum height of 12” to a maximum height of 48”. Further enhancing the user experience and reliability of the digiLED DLPo 5.9 LED Floor System is the NovaStar NovaPro HD processing for precise module-to-module calibration that ensures accurate color matching for an overall excellent image.

5.9mm LED Floor System in action: