Samsung’s Live @ 837 Concert Series

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. opened Samsung 837 in New York City’s Meatpacking District as a cultural destination and digital playground. Pete’s Big TVs was on hand when Samsung surprised the neighborhood with an early summer street concert featuring Gwen Stefani and Diplo.

PBTV was brought in to provide the video screens, cameras, and video processing for the project by AG Light and Sound, who handled the staging, lighting, and audio for the concert event. The 20-foot diameter LED floor supplied by PBTV for the circular performance stage was made up of digiLED DLP 5.9mm LED modules. This LED floor can support the artists’ high energy performances without damage to the LED panels and provide a relatively hi-resolution screen surface for the creative team to underlay visual imagery and content.

On the awning and façade of the Samsung building PBTV mounted a series of three LED screens. digiLED MK7 was used for beautiful, high-resolution imagery behind the performers onstage and on the front of the DJ booth located on the roof of the Samsung building. Two screens were mounted on the upper level of the building, one on the 13th Street side that was 4 panels high by 12 panels wide (6.5’ x 20’) and one on the Washington Street side a screen measuring 4 panels high by 49 panels wide (6.5’ x 80’).”

Down on the metal awning over the entrances was a third screen,2 panels high by 89 panels wide (3’ x 146’). PBTV addressed everything from hanging creative LED products on the side of the building to installing all of the video signals in and around the street performance space. They created a camera position on the top of the building which gave that “must-have” overhead shot showing the great use of the LED floor under the performers. PBTV also supplied the video crew and processing, cameras, and switchers to feed the screens and complete the video system.