Fashion Rocks LIVE

A star-studded, two-hour celebration of music and fashion, "Fashion Rocks Live" was broadcast from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. Pete'sBig TVs provided a large LED and video projection system for the annual international fundraiser which features fashions by the world’s top designers. 

Pete's Big TVs provided more than 2,000 LED tiles to wrap the geometric-looking set, designed by Anne Brahic and constructed by Atomic Design. A mix of resolutions was chosen, from 5mm to 15mm, depending upon the visual requirements for TV and for the audience. There were 200 x CS5 (5 mm) LED tiles, 700 x digiLED MC7 (7mm), 800 x digiLED MC15 (15mm) and 500 Barco MiStrips to create a fast-paced video fortress for the performers.

“This is the most LED we’ve ever provided for one show,” said Guy Benjamin, VP of Pete’s Big TVs. “Anne Brahic’s set design was stunning, as always, and it was made a reality by our friends at Atomic. And Art Director Aaron Black had miles of tiles to work with as his canvas.” The show had something for every style - country, rock, Latin rhythms, hip hop and a salute to disco - on the high-voltage stage and runway. The lighting design was by Bob Dickinson of Full Flood. There were performances by Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull, DuranDuran, Miranda Lambert, Usher, Luke Bryan, Jennifer Hudson, Nicki Minaj, Magic!, The Band Perry, Rita Ora, Afrojack, Nico +Vinz, and Jennifer Lopez, and the show ended with classic rock from KISS.

The set was reminiscent of the interior of a high-rise hotel lobby atrium with levels, each level clad with LED video tiles. The stage had endless versatility. During Enrique Iglesias’s performance, percussionists beat drums on the second level walkway, enhancing his Latin rhythms. While Jennifer Hudson sang, models walked the runways edging the stage. During Duran Duran, fashionistas strutted on the second level catwalk against video content on the LED screens. To facilitate the show’s quick pace, a secondary ‘B’ stage was positioned in the audience which allowed artists and models to strum and strut while the main stage was being prepped for the next, bigger performance. 

This was not only a celebration of music and fashion, it was also a marketing event.  Viewers at home and in the audience could shop the sponsor’s online store while watching the specific fashions walk by during the performances. 

Fashion Rocks was produced by Three Lions Entertainment in association with Don Mischer Productions. Host Ryan Seacrest was also executive producer. “We've been fortunate to work with Don Mischer Productions again,” said Benjamin. “We just finished the Emmy Awards, and recently did Million Second Quiz and the 9/11 Memorial Museum dedication with them. They have an incredibly professional team and are fantastic to work with."