digiLED Mirage MC7

Pete's Big TVs works closely with manufacturers to enhance and fine-tune products to work at the optimum for
demanding rental applications in the TV, theatre, events, and concert touring markets. PBTV worked closely with LED
manufacturer digiLED to enhance the processing power and optimize the product for these highly demanding

When your designs require dynamic video backdrops, vibrant lighting effects, or high resolution video displays, the
digiLED Mirage MC7 is the right choice to give your designs visual impact. The 7mm pixel pitch of the MC7 allows for
crisp high definition imagery paired with 12% transparency to allow for blow-thru of lighting and effects. The MC7 is
the highest resolution LED video product available while still allowing blow-thru and it handles higher speed winds than
any other high-resolution LED video screen. With a range a of hanging or stacking options, this LED video product
provides the dynamic looks that make your designs stand out. 

Further enhancing the user experience and reliability of the digiLED Mirage MC7 LED Module is the NovaStar NovaPro HD
processing for precise module-to-module calibration that ensures accurate color matching for an overall excellent image.

MC7 in action: