digiLED Mirage MC15 Transparent 15mm LED Module

Pete's Big TVs works closely with manufacturers to enhance and fine-tune products to work at the optimum for demanding rental applications in the TV, theatre, events, and concert touring markets. PBTV worked closely with LED manufacturer digiLED to optimize the Mirage MC15 product for these highly demanding markets.

When your designs require dynamic video backdrops, transparent video that can be layered with other LED or scenic elements, or curved LED screens the digiLED Mirage MC15 is the right choice to give your designs visual impact. The 15mm pixel pitch of the MC15 allows for crisp medium-definition imagery paired with a mesh transparency. With a range a of hanging or stacking options along with touring frames, this LED video product provides the dynamic looks that make your designs stand out. The MC15 also allows for flexible creativity as the module has the ability to be curved, in a concave or convex arrangement, up to 15 degrees in either direction.

The digiLED MC15 employs digiLED's Image Optimisation Technology (IOT) ensures high quality image reproduction in any situation. The powerful new processing system with digiLED's Navigator NV processor maintains full 16 bit depth whatever the brightness, for images free of contouring and quantizing, with perfect greyscale transition. Further IOT firmware configurations are preset for frequently used situations, whether the job demands maximum refresh rate, brightness, or super smooth greyscales.

MC15 Transparent LED in action: