digiLED LightSlice

Pete’s Big TVs works closely with manufacturers to enhance and fine-tune products to work at optimal levels for demanding rental applications in the TV, theatre, events, and concert touring markets. It was just such a working relationship between PBTV and digiLED to optimize the LightSlice 10mm product for these highly demanding markets. With creative designers in mind, digiLED created the ultimate in flexible LED video products with the introduction of LightSlice 10mm. Providing a pixel pitch of 10mm (WxH) in a unique and compact form-factor, LighSlice offers designers a rugged, mid-resolution LED product with versatile rigging and mounting options. When designs don't conform to the standard module format of traditional LED screens, LightSlice is the right choice. By varying the spacing between units, designers and content creators can create unique pixel pitches between LightSlice modules. 

Resolutions can be scaled to any custom requirement based on array alignment, and with six different mounting methods, LightSlice can be attached to truss, decks, scaffolding, scenery, or custom structures. Designed with an extruded aluminum shell for strength and durability, LightSlice comes in three standard lengths - 500mm, 1,000mm, and 1,500mm (all 20mm high) and can be arranged in any combination of lengths for a wide variety of creative designs. Boasting an IP rating of IP65, LightSlice is ready for any indoor and outdoor applications.

The LightSlice can create a display as big as needed, with pieces placed end to end or side to side. Instead of external control boxes, slave units, or power supplies, the micro-PSU and data cards are integral to an element called the ‘Staple Gun,’ which is loaded into the chassis of the LightSlice. This translates into reduced weight in shipping and rigging. Should there be an issue with the power or data, a replacement Staple Gun clicks in within seconds to solve the issue.

LightSlice in action: