digiLED DLPo5.9mm LED Mini Tile System

The DLPo5.9mm LED Mini Tile System from Pete’s Big TVs offers designers the ability to integrate seamless corners, curves, and creative shapes into their production and video designs. This innovative product works in conjunction with flexible accessories—including straight or variable angle couplers. The quarter-sized (125x500mm) Mini Tiles work seamlessly with the standard digiLED DLPo5.9mm 500x500mm modules. Paired with digiLED's flexible accessories, the Mini Tiles have mitered corners that allow for the ability to curve in any direction—convex or concave—up to 15 degrees offerning a wide variety of extremely versatile creative design possibilities for designers.

The lightweight Mini Tile modules are formed from a polymer nano-material weighing in at just over 44 lbs (20 kg) per SqM and utilize single bin/batch LEDs, MBI driver ICs, and Neutrik etherCON/powerCON True1 connectors. Each module has its own in-built power and data connectors and clips for easy storage. The Mini Tiles are fully TUV CE-certified and protected up to IP65.

Ease of setup and load-out, as well as fast access replacement for troubleshooting is thoughtfully addressed with the digiLED Mini Tile modules, which are designed as a fast rig/derig solution with no-tools required. This allows for a rig/derig time of up to 100 modules per hour. If you have to make alterations or service the screen, any tile can be quickly and easily placed—and replaced—without having to de-construct the screen. An LED module with this system can be quickly withdrawn or replaced in under on minute. Further enhancing the user experience and reliability is the PBTV proprietary NovaStar processing for precise module-to-module calibration that ensures accurate color matching for an overall excellent image.

More on the digiLED DLP series LED modules can be found here.