BET Hip Hop Awards 2 2018.jpeg

BET Hip-hop awards

Pete’s Big TVs has worked to support the BET Network for a number of years now and they’ve provided video solutions for many of the BET Hip-Hop Awards shows, the annual show that showcases hip hop performers, producers, and music video directors. The 2018 edition of the BET Hip-Hop Awards were held on October 16, 2018 in Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach, FL. 

 PBTV was on hand supplying LED products and projection for the production.The production design featured a main center screen that measured 15’ wide x 16.4’ feet high and was made of digiLED MK7. Flanking the main screen, there were stage left and stage right vertical panels consisting of digiLED MK7 modules as well and the DJ riser was also covered with MK7 modules. 

To look good for on-camera closeups of the presenters and award winners, PBTV supplied 90 of the high-resolution digiLED iMAG-R 3.2mm LED modules. This created the large panel behind the presenters. For projection needs, PBTV supplied two Barco HDX W18 DLP projectors and screens for the production.