The 2017 edition of the MISS USA® pageant, which was held at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas and broadcast live on the FOX network, boasted a production design that took full advantage of the immense space with a soaring LED video wall backdrop. The Pete’s Big TVs team was on hand to support the vision of production designer Joe Stewart of the design firm Shaffner/Stewart. The grand set consisted of seven massive LED screens that were built with more than 1,200 digiLED MK 7mm LED video modules, provided by PBTVs, with the entire video solution package for the pageant. The seven 32-foot high screens were arranged with a single center screen flanked by upstage, midstage, and downstage pairs of screens in an overlapping arrangement. There were also large panels with mirrors on the sides to reflect the content, which made the stage appear that much larger. The arrangement of the screens, the selection of the digiLED MK 7mm LED video modules and the dynamic content, provided by The Zinman Company, all combined to evoke a wonderful sense of immense scale and gave a sense of fluid movement, though there was no automation of the screens themselves.

“We were once again very happy to work with Joe Stewart and his team on the MISS USA production,” says Guy Benjamin, Vice President of Pete’s Big TVs. “The big challenge was the fact that those screens were so massive. I mean, the fact that PBTVs were able to supply them 1,200 matching MK 7 panels for screens that were 32-feet tall and the overall width of the stage, certainly speaks to why we stock the quantity and type of products that we carry. It's hard to have that many panels that will all match, most shops wouldn't be able to accommodate such an order but we were able to deliver just that. At Pete’s we have a great inventory of just the right LED products that our clients need to realize their most creative uses of LED video technology.”